Low-cost airlines and an increase in tourism are steadily lifting the number of air travel but as more people travel by plane, airports will need to renovate and expand to address demand. Mexico has a total of 1,891 aerodromes in the country, but only 76 are officially certified by DGAC for commercial operations. Several investments have been made in past years to ensure the correct functioning and modernization of these facilities and different airport groups have committed resources to the construction, modernization and development of new airport structures.

This chapter will review the status of airport infrastructure in Mexico, with a special focus in renovations and other developments during the late 2016 and 2017. The analysis of Mexico’s current and future needs will take the accelerated growth of passenger air travel and the more measured one of air cargo into account. It will also review the status one of the capital city’s most ambitious projects: the New International Airport of Mexico City.